Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rough Day

I know this is my second post ever but I created a blog so that I could vent. So here's some background for you.

I am a trainer/sports med person and I normally work JV football and just got asked to do varsity girls basketball, which I really don't want to do but it's way better than doing wrestling so I guess I am thankful for that.

I am in student council at my school, it's called NTC and it's great but it's so very stressful. I am planning currently the first freshman night out and the Wonderful Wednesday/ Fabulous Friday in December. It's very stressful but I am kind of getting a break as we speak.

I am one of the leaders of the anti-bullying committee and I love it so much! I just recently gave a speech to the freshman and Sophomores at my school about my personal experience with being bullied. It was great and a lot of the underclassmen have been reaching out to me lately and that's awesome and exactly what Webs and I wanted! Webs is the adult sponsor for our committee!

I am on the planning/ decorating committee for our Sadie Falcon's dance!

I have an awesome group of friends!

I am in book club currently reading Paper Towns by John Green! It's really good I almost can't put it down except I can because I have to sleep...

 I am also in APUSH and AP English and I am literally dying from school.

My favorite sport is NASCAR and Jeff Gordon (24) is my favorite driver!

I also am very involved in church and my heart is on fire for the Lord! Amen!

I one day wish to go to Boise State for college and maybe learn something about spanish or Agriculture or something.

I feel as though I am constantly sleep deprived so I am going to get some sleep! Oh crazy right! Well if I feel stressed out later I will post some more but for now, sweet dreams teddy bear!

Why hello there

Well hello! My name is Courtney and I am a girl who's been through a lot and learned a lot but realizes that I have a lot more to learn. My life is great and I realize that life is too short to not enjoy it at all possible moments.
I am currently a junior in high school and I am just now discovering Top Gun.
Texas is my home and I wouldn't change that for the world. Just kidding, I actually want to go to Idaho really bad but thats for college.

Well I just thought that you should know who you're dealing with and that I love God and all that He does for me